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Dear Masters

I'm building a scraper that at one point encounters a page containing the following JS function:

<script language="JavaScript"> function LinkSubmit(strCatID) { var frm1 = document.contract_cat_index1; frm1.CSCRCat.value=strCatID; frm1.submit(); }
Further down the code, LinkSubmit is referenced in lines similar to the following:

<td align="left" ><a href="javascript:LinkSubmit('1/Janitorial');" TITLE="CLICK to select this category" class="contentLink">Janitorial</a></td>

Does anyone know how I can get my perl robot to follow the link that LinkSubmit puts together? Sorry if the answer is easy, but I've read two and a half books and all the faqs I can find, and still haven't seen the solution. Noobotron status acknowledged.