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Hello again. I have transfered my script to win32 due to requirements form up on high. I made a testrun of my script and it hangs. I ripped everything with threads out of it and it still hangs isolating the problem to either Net::SMTP or Net::smtp_auth. Anyone have any ideas on why this would be? Stripped code is as follows:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use Net::SMTP; use Net::SMTP_auth; %maildrop=( <censored for security> ); sub smtpblast{ my $md= shift; my $user= $maildrop{"$md" . "user"}; my $pass= $maildrop{"$md". "pass"}; print "\n $user \n $pass \n"; my $mailer=Net::SMTP_auth->new('smtp.<censored>.com'); $mailer->auth('Login', $user, $pass); $mailer->mail("$user"); $mailer->to('<censored>'); my $mid= 'MID: ' . $md . " " . `date`; my @data=("Subject: $mid\n", "E-mail Blast message from $user\n"); $mailer->data(@data); $mailer->datasend(); $mailer->dataend; $mailer->quit; print LOGFILE ($mid); } open LOGFILE, ">>messages.log"; &smtpblast("md01");