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Hi monks, I'm an Italian Computer Science student, and I'm trying to learn how to develop in Perl. In order to get experienced, these days, I'm trying to start a small project that happens to be a videogame in Perl that uses the SDL module (SDL_Perl).

Trying to configure SDL_Perl on various development machines (a Linux box, a Windows box and a MacOSX box) I found lots of troubles ...

The Linux box was the simpler one. I installed libsdl_perl via apt-get and then SDL via the CPAN shell. And all it's ok.
The Windows box gave me no results, but I have to admit that I didn't insist much.
The MacOSX box gave me lots of troubles, the libsdl-framework has to be installed via MacPorts (and it's not trivial), then it's the p5-sdl_perl time (and I can't still manage to install it).

And this all to configure my development machines!! How can I only think to deploy the application if it's going to see the light? Will the final user have to do all the work I did, to get the videogame up and running?

I never deployed an application, and maybe I'm focusing on a problem that doesn't exist, but I think that THIS side of Perl development should be improved ...