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Re^2: Refactoring Perl 4 - Replace Temp with Query

by agianni (Hermit)
on Jul 27, 2007 at 18:36 UTC ( [id://629174] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Refactoring Perl 4 - Replace Temp with Query
in thread Refactoring Perl #4 - Replace Temp with Query

I don't usually use temp variables for that, but that's the idea, if you mean something like:

sub base_price{ my $self = shift; if ( not $self->{_base_price} ){ $self->{_base_price} = $self->{_quantity} * $self->{_item_price}; } return $self->{_base_price}; }

That's how I usually do result caching for methods. There are other options too, like Memoize, although I haven't tried any of the modules that do this.

perl -e 'split//,q{john hurl, pest caretaker}and(map{print @_[$_]}(joi +n(q{},map{sprintf(qq{%010u},$_)}(2**2*307*4993,5*101*641*5261,7*59*79 +*36997,13*17*71*45131,3**2*67*89*167*181))=~/\d{2}/g));'

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Re^3: Refactoring Perl 4 - Replace Temp with Query
by akho (Hermit) on Jul 27, 2007 at 18:45 UTC
    Won't work if $self->{_item_price} changes.

    Of course abstracting such things away is the right way to go; but you still often need temp variables. So this refactoring technique should probably be promoted as "do what common sense tells you", not as "remove temp vars".

    Memoize is a good thing too, btw. Even better with Memoize::Attrs.

      Right, up till now, I haven't had to do anything but the simplest forms of Memoization, so my example would generally work for me. I find myself doing memoization most often when I'm doing database queries that I expect should return the same things for the duration of the process, i.e. if handling a Web request. Obviously the situation would be different if one were running a persistent process.

      perl -e 'split//,q{john hurl, pest caretaker}and(map{print @_[$_]}(joi +n(q{},map{sprintf(qq{%010u},$_)}(2**2*307*4993,5*101*641*5261,7*59*79 +*36997,13*17*71*45131,3**2*67*89*167*181))=~/\d{2}/g));'