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Re: Developing an Expert System/Intelligent Agent for PM?

by mattr (Curate)
on Jul 08, 2007 at 11:57 UTC ( #625501=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Developing an Expert System/Intelligent Agent for PM?


There are a few other points you may wish to consider.

1. The site does already include manually structured data you could use:

  • a. cpan module links and other urls
  • b. Thread titles
  • c. Library entries, and Categorized Questions and Answers
  • d. timestamp, author and votes per post

    2. Some preliminary analyses of the site could be useful:

  • a. Identify common noun phrases with NLP tools and create a topic index
  • b. Use social network analysis tools to find relationships between contributors, their XP, their posts and included urls regarding a given topic. Not that XP is that important but it might screen out newbies possibly. This could be used to help weight importance.

    3. Manual tagging of threads or posts by all monks, perhaps weighted by XP (requires modification of PM site).

    4. Most interesting analyses could be done if PM's content (library, threads, XP db) could be saved to an sql dump that interested monks could load locally say in a mysql db, solely for analysis and creation in their own free time of web or gui based apps.

    5. Here is a short thread I initiated 5 years ago here proposing creation of an online PM Knowledge Base using an annotated, modifiable tree structure of topics with some way to consensually tag posts with topics.

    6. It would probably be most interesting for a system that uses cooperation of monks to build it, to host it on the net (on a different server than PM, due to load and security issues). Perhaps if it gets to a milestone it could be featured monthly (state of the knowledge base) on PM with info about what branches need help.
    Also ajax could be used for autocompletion or auto-recommendation of related topics quickly (especially if an apache/fastcgi or modperl system is used) to give users the experience of being able to quickly browse through an interactive encyclopedia. I find the load on PM (I don't think the problem is latency to Tokyo) and perhaps lack of indexing to make searching for things very tiring. We need indexing and visualization of the knowledge in PM and I'd recommend making an online system based on automated analysis/update plus tweaks/annotations by humans, and then you can always access that from a gui or download a snapshot any time if you wish. This requires a periodic dump from PM to your database or ftp server.


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