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Here an IO::Socket::SSL syswrite() snippet:
my $buffer = 'x' x 100000000; my $length = length($buffer); my $offset = 0; my $i = 0; my $client = $ipc->accept(); warn "connect from: ", $client->peerhost, "\n"; warn "print $length bytes to client\n"; while ($length) { my $written = syswrite($client, $buffer, $length, $offset); die "System write error: $!\n" unless defined $written; $length -= $written; $offset += $written; $i++; } warn "Iterations: $i\n";
Iterations: 6104
syswrite() writes only 16k to the socket and as I googled for a reason I saw code samples with
my $blksize = (stat($fh))[11] || 16384;
and though it could maybe a buffer limit or something else.

This limit only happends with IO::Socket::SSL but not with IO::Socket::INET so I was a bit confused.