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Or, seeing we already run on MySQl, why not try out the MySQL full text indexes again?

In a conversation with tye in the CB, he said that PM had already tried using MySQL's full text indexes, and that for searches such as 'perl', the DB just locked up.

My own experience with MySQL's full text indexes, is that they are very fast and very reliable, on sites with millions of documents. It may be that the version of MySQL that PM is using (which is 3.xx, if I remember correctly) may be somewhat less reliable, and be responsible for these problems.

I'm assuming that PM has a test suite that we could use to check how a newer version of MySQL works with the existing code.

I'm betting that upgrading to a newer version and adding full text indexes won't be an enormous task, probably easier than implementing Kinosearch (disclaimer: I have no experience of kinosearch)