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Re^4: My

by princepawn (Parson)
on Jun 07, 2007 at 18:16 UTC ( #619877=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: My
in thread My

I'm beginning to realize that most of the problem is caused by statistical analysis, where the government wants to treat us all the same, like we are a big herd of homogenous cattle.
Well, I have thought a lot about this. In terms of barest essentials for survival, we are 99 percent the same because 99% of what is needed over a 3 week period for survival is sunlight, air and water. There is no food substance whose lack within a 3-week period, for any genetic strain, will lead to long-term health defects.
The reality is there are different genetic branches in humans. Some are good on fruit and bread,
Fruit _and_ bread?! Fruit yes. Bread perhaps. But fruit and bread? I know of the Villacamba group in South America who are fruitarian... i've had a go at that 5-10 times.
some on fats and meat. Look at the eskimos. They do fine living in igloos and living on pure blubber and meat. Take that away and give them American food and Twinkies, they become fat and diabetic.
Very interesting point. If you want to argue that people should eat from their locale, then clearly they need to eat fat and blubber. The problem comes in when you are a transplant: a Russian stuck in Tampa, FL. An African stuck in Montana.

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Re^5: My
by zentara (Archbishop) on Jun 08, 2007 at 11:49 UTC
    If you want to argue that people should eat from their locale

    That is the macrobiotic basic priciple.... but they really mean eat as if you were living off of the land (on a simple non-technological farm in your locale). Also, your lifestyle should center around the farm. (i.e. work and live on it). That is why cows and milk are so prevalent in primitive diets... it's very easy to let a cow eat the grass in the fields. But now consider this..... a well respected Hare Krishna devotee told me that modern milk has tremendous bad karma, because of all the calves slaughtered.

    So is milk good for the peasant farmer, living off of the land, but bad karma for office workers who buy it from corporate farms, who slaughter calves to maximize production?

    I'm not going to judge for you, you must decide for yourself.

    Finally even macrobiotics has levels of eating principles.... ranging from "survival to, religous, highest spiritual understanding.

    At the religous level, all sorts of stuff are taboo. At the scientific level, you eat according to scientific guidlines. At the highest level, you can eat anything you want. :-) ..... but you also are required to be fully responsible for the karma.

    Yeah.... old karma rears its head again. I will only say it is up to you to decide what is good and right for you, (privately I get away with alot of bad karma, by blaming the land-ownership-food-supply system...... I blame the DEA for my drinking, why? Because they made the alternative illegal.... it's their karma. :-) God laughs.

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Re^5: My
by dbw (Beadle) on Aug 24, 2007 at 14:11 UTC
    The Eskimos are very unusual in that they're so genetically isolated, so eating American food does something different to their body than it does to say, yours or mine. (Native Hawaiians also have this problem.) But I think most of the world (or at least most of the US) is interconnected enough that the Twinkie has roughly the same effect across the board.

    Though IANAN (I am not a nutritionist).

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Re^5: My
by zentara (Archbishop) on Jun 08, 2007 at 16:08 UTC
    I know of the Villacamba group in South America who are fruitarian...

    I had to add this.:-) I remember seeing a 60 Minutes show on them (high in the Andes), and they interviewed the oldest lady there( like 182 or something). Curiously, I remember her saying that their longevity came from a flower which blossomed at a certain time, and if you breathed the frangrance, it gave you long life.

    So it wasn't the diet according to her.... and the question then becomes if the "balogna-eating-man" went there to live, and breathed the flower fragrance, would it work for him too? :-)

    I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth. Cogito ergo sum a bum

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