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Re: RSPerl and DESTROY

by Sixtease (Friar)
on May 06, 2007 at 10:50 UTC ( #613813=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RSPerl and DESTROY

Did you try to move the R::initR() command around? (to the script, to the module)

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Re^2: RSPerl and DESTROY
by dana (Monk) on May 07, 2007 at 01:48 UTC

    Perfect -- thank you for the suggestion. You helped me get past the fact that the script was dying on the second call to the module - no need to reinitialize R each time.

    Now I have a new problem, although the program processes each site I still get the following error message for each site processed:
    Calculating Stats on site: rs11245203...
    Destroying R reference object `205253'
    Destroying R reference object `205251'
    Destroying R reference object `205252'
    Error: could not find function "DESTROY"
    Caught error in R::call()

    I get statistical calculations for every site, however a memory leak exists that may cause problems with larger files.

    Thank you for your help in getting me further, please let me know if you have any more suggestions.

      Hello Dana, I am encountering a similar problem with the DESTROY function in RSperl. I get the following error on calling it from with my perl code. " Error: could not find function "DESTROY" Caught error in R::call() " In case you were able to figure it out, could you please let me know? Thanks -Rachana
        Hi Rachana --

        I haven't found a solution but I ran into another problem (UGH). I've installed RSPerl on a new system and using an old script for testing I get the following error:

        Can't locate package RFunctionReference for @RReferences::ISA...

        Works fine on other systems. I have written to the author but I didn't hear anything when I wrote about the DESTROY routine so I hope I hear something on this one.

        Good luck.


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