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What OS, perl version and IO::Socket versions are you using ?
There is useful disgnostic instruction, as well as proposed solutions at
"On some operating systems the Perl module IO::Socket reports obscure error
on unsuccessful connect() in non-blocking mode as: "Invalid argument" in
place of the true cause: "Connection refused". The remote service should be
checked if available and accessible (firewall rules? network problems?).

Another possible reason for "Invalid argument" reported by IO::Socket when
running within chroot jail is some network-related system file missing in a
chroot jail, e.g. /etc/protocols, /etc/services, /etc/netconfig,
/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/hosts, /etc/host.conf
-- depending on the operating system in use. System debugging tools
(debugger, strace, truss) may help to find the cause. "

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Re^2: IO::Socket::INET and LTSP read-only filesystem
by kwaping (Priest) on Apr 17, 2007 at 15:05 UTC
    Thanks a lot for that helpful link and the information.

    OS: Linux
    perl -v: 5.8.0
    IO::Socket version: 1.26

    I'll talk to the sysadmin about getting Perl and IO::Socket updated, if possible.

    It's all fine and dandy until someone has to look at the code.