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Re: Texting and emailing from multi machine agents

by marto (Cardinal)
on Apr 04, 2007 at 17:22 UTC ( #608330=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Texting and emailing from multi machine agents

You asked the exact same question in the CB a couple of days ago. Corion suggested using MIME::Lite and someone else suggested using Mail::Sendmail, these modules are well documented with working example code. You told us in the CB (and there were many monks talking to you about this) that "I don't want to read the documentation until you know it does what I want". I was involved in this rather lengthy discussion in the CB. Many monks have commented on your seemingly fatal allergy to reading documentation. Why do you not take the advice you ask for? Why not make a little effort (as discussed in How do I post a question effectively?, "Before asking a question in any forum, do your homework first")?

Yet again you have posted here, wanting someone to provide code you can cut and paste into applications you get paid to write, yet again you have not told anyone what platform these machines run on (not essential but often helpful to know), what mail server you are running. Could you make any less effort? Why should people spend time replying to you when you prove (continually) that this is a waste of peoples time?

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