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Going shopping

by buetow (Beadle)
on Mar 25, 2007 at 13:11 UTC ( #606469=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hello! I hope you do like this yet another poem. It does also use some OOP calls. Can you find the places there the constructor is called? (It does not really return a blessed reference but the constructor itself does bless something)
#!/usr/bin/perl BEGIN{} goto mall for $shopping; m/y/; mall: seek$s, cool products(), { to => $sell }; for $their (@business) { to:; earn:; a:; lot:; of:; money: } do not goto home and exit mall if exists $new{product}; foreach $of (q(uality rich products)){} package products; our $news; do tell cool products() and do{ sub#tract cool{ $products and shift @the, @bad, @ones; do bless [q(uality)], $products and return not undef $stuff if not (local $available) }}; do { study and study and study for cool products() } and do { seek $all, cool products(), { to => $buy } }; do { write $them, $down } and do { order: foreach (@case) { package s +} }; goto home if not exists $more{money} or die q(uerying) ;for( @money){} +; at:;home: do { END{} and:; rest:; a:; bit: exit $shopping } and sleep until unpack$ing, cool products(); __END__ This compiles using: perl, v5.8.8 built for i386-freebsd-64int
Paul C. Buetow (2007) -

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