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Interesting thread - thanks. It leads to re-think the formulation of my question. I think there are actually only two questions:
  1. Do work-related non-programming questions/thoughts fit within the intended boundaries of PM subject matter.
  2. If yes, is there a usefulness to giving that subject its own area

Yes, this is a question of how do you want to define PM.

At one end of the spectrum you have "pure" Perl questions, like "what's the syntax for...".

At the other end you have highly tenuously related questions like "I'm a Perl programmer, how do I change the spark plugs on my car so I can get to my Perl coder job?"

Unless the brethren want PM to become a site about anything and everything, and therefore about nothing, there will be some fuzzy line along that spectrum that delineates what PM is about, and what it's not. But where to draw the line??

And, once you've done that, then comes the job of putting things in drawers. Too many specialized drawers is a pain. But so is one big heap.

But if the powers that be consider that, yes, these kinds of discussions are suitable for PM, and that Meditations is the/a appropriate place for them, then perfect.

That said, I would never have thought to post such questions in SoPW, even when they are questions. I think it's a good thing to have at least one area reserved for PM's raison d'etre - Perl programming. Please don't lose the P.

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