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Imager has support for .ico (and .cur) files it seems - see Imager::File::ICO resp. Imager::Files.

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Re^2: Merge multiple BMP images into ICO files
by jimbojones (Friar) on Mar 22, 2007 at 13:24 UTC

    Thanks for the suggestion. Imager looked quite promising, but it seems to do its .ico processing using a XS backend .dll that I won't be able to use on other OSs.

    Unfortunately I think I need a pure-Perl solution.

    - j
      I think you're incorrect about needing a .dll file. I've used imager on a few linux boxes, and though I've never needed to do much with .ico files, I've been more than pleased with having chosen that package to work with.



        I based that comment on seeing the following pulled down from ActiveState PPM:

        Installing C:\Progra~1\Perl\Perl586_811\site\lib\auto\Imager\File\ICO\ +ICO.dll
        So at least for the .ico support, it seems to need a .dll.

        Thanks, J