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The idea is to build a demo of a game in Perl/tk.
Basic premise is this: Various players request moves in a gui client, send the move request off to a server. Server then resolves all moves, stores resultant game state in db, client reconnects, gets new game state, game continues.
Assume secure sockets, crypto secure ident, and spoofing pretty much handled, as in, we'll do that in the real version if there is one.
One assumes that using perl for this would be slow, and thats okay by me, since this is to be a proof of concept, not a playable game.
I've taken a stab at mocking up a perl/tk client, and I'm satisfied that perl/tk will give us enough features.
The next obvious thing to do is start work on the server end. We're now working out game rules on paper, but I was hoping the monks could give me some ideas:
  • Game rules by external grammar? ie write a parser and a separate rule file? .. making it "pluggable"
  • Hard code game rules in a module, and expose an api so we re write the module for different rules? Also pluggable and possibly easier to write than a grammar.
  • Hack up some kind of xs api to the demi-OOP capabilities of the zip/infocomm game engine?
  • some other, much smarter idea that I'm missing? Help me perlmonks, you're my only hope!
    Jay "Yohimbe" Thorne, alpha geek for UserFriendly