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Re: Schools using Perl

by DigitalKitty (Parson)
on Feb 22, 2007 at 03:35 UTC ( #601477=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Schools using Perl

Hi all.

I took the liberty of googling and in the process, I found these:

Foothills Community College
  • CIS 68E Introduction to Perl
  • COIN 68 Introduction to CGI using Perl

Canada College
  • COMP 330 Introduction to Perl
  • COMP 331 Intermediate Perl

San Josť State University
  • CS 122: Advanced Programming with Perl

Millard Fillmore College
  • MFC 214 Programming in Perl

University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Introduction to Perl Programming

University of South Carolina
  • BIOL 757A: Advanced Bioinformatics

Cal State Fullerton University Extended Education
  • Introductory Perl Programming
  • Advanced Perl Programming

University of Minnesota
  • CSci 3003/5980-1 Introduction to Computing in Biology

Hope this helps,

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Re^2: Schools using Perl
by Marza (Vicar) on Feb 23, 2007 at 00:28 UTC
    Just to add to her list Deanza College

    CIS -033A-62 Programming in PERL

    CIS -033B-61 Advanced PERL Programming (LEC)

    The teacher is a bit of a pompous ass and doesn't like to help people unless they are getting A's and B's but he does know his stuff.

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