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Possibility of a new CGI/HTML section dealing w/ code style and asthetics

by bladx (Chaplain)
on Feb 22, 2001 at 10:32 UTC ( #60145=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

What if there was a possibility of a new CGI/HTML section dealing w/ code style and asthetics here at In my opinion, it is a much needed new section for this user site because it would address the issues that newbies including me don't really understand in the vast world of Perl/CGI/ and HTML how the code should really look to be really clean and so on, and what some of the basic 'look and layout' of general sites written in Perl/CGI and so on, should look like.

It is true that many experienced users here at already know by heart what code should both be programmed as and cleaned up to look 'nice' plus how it should be layout wise to be clean, concise and clever (ccc.) However, many newer users located here among us at the monastary do not understand many of the common techniques of how to write clean and great looking code at all, and might like to know more about it, thus implementing an entirely new section on

Granted this may sound similar to damian1301's latest discussion post, posted earlier this week, but this is a completely different and unique section than that one. Maybe one to be considered a possibility that may be even started here at one day :).

If you have any ideas to contribute to this little idea of mine, please reply to this message! Thanks for listening to little old me :) and um, keep on programming, programming, programming! :-)

bladx ~ sorry if i used too many smileys :) doh!
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Re: Possibility of a new CGI/HTML section dealing w/ code style and asthetics
by neshura (Chaplain) on Feb 22, 2001 at 12:40 UTC
    Perhaps you could convince a senior monk to write a tutorial that goes beyond the information found in perlstyle. There are already too many sections with overlapping purposes; adding another one just makes navigation more difficult for monks new to the monastery.

    e-mail neshura

Re: new CGI/HTML section
by footpad (Monsignor) on Feb 22, 2001 at 20:19 UTC
    I voted this up because it shows intitiative, however, I agree with neshura in that a separate section isn't necessary.

    Several reasons come to mind:

    • The current sections are laid out according to the type of petition or contribution you wish to make, not the functionality you're implementing.

    • We already have a large number of sections, a few of which can be confusing. Some have asked, for example, about the difference between Craft and CUFP.

      The original intent is easy to understand, once you take time to ponder the Guide.

    • Style is separate from substance. By this I mean that good programming style applies to all programs, not just CGI scripts. Futhermore, there are many discussions in the archives covering stylistic issues. (I'll leave finding them as an exercise. Hint: Try starting here.)

    • Also, good HTML style is a slightly different question than good Perl style, one that can generate a lot of heat, smoke, and volatility.

      For example, there are those who believe that you should never use anything more than simple markup. Others say that it's possible to use graphics, tables, frames, etc. very effectively. There are many opinions and ideas, but few hard and fast rules.

      Given the reluctance some monks have expressed with blatantly off-topic discussions, you can see why there would some resistance.

    Remember, Perl is more than a CGI scripting language; that just happens to be one thing it does well (provided, of course, you use;). Perl does many more things and, it's fine to use it as a CGI scripting tool. However, it can do much, much more.


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