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Re: Why Reaped???

by shenme (Priest)
on Feb 19, 2007 at 02:00 UTC ( #600775=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Why Reaped???

Some more background: we've recently had a problem with someone who repeatedly plagiarized, trying to gain credit improperly. Thus when you verbatim cut-n-pasted something you triggered bad memories and feelings. So now you know that this isn't just an 'academic' matter to us. With this knowledge you should now realize you ought to say "whoops, next time I'll be clear where this material is coming from", as of course you should be in any forum.

And I can't help but say you have triggered so many hot buttons that you must not be surprised at suspicions of being a troll. In fact, you've specifically targeted some quite interesting items. Since I've not looked in on this, let's review:

Let's see your first introduction to us:

I have 22 years experience in IT and have recently been tasked with doing a lot of coding! I am a serious DOS hacker so having to deal with Perl is a bit trivial for me but I am having a serious problem right out of the box.
So what is most important to you is that you have far more experience than most anyone, DOS is the tool you love to stroke, and "Perl is a bit trivial for me". But then you can't install software on Solaris, which you paint as a problem of 'Perl'?

And then in your reply to spot-on help, you admit "another problem is I can't find the file I downloaded." How could you not imagine we thought this was a "today the PHB does programming" charade?

Next posting you say "... I really want to use DOS on Solaris" which is rather a non-sequitur. Oh, and "I am still trying get PERL installed on my Sun machine..its not easy I have 22 years experience in IT" at which point people are flipping coins for personal problems vs. professional ones.

Next posting says "Here is my code that I hacked..

   @REM this script is called by NetBackup when a backup is initiated
   @REM this script:
causing multiple people to spew coffee, at someone throwing Microsoft DOS batch at Perl on Solaris. Do we have a nomination for an entry to the DailyWTF?

Next posting: "This is really a challange it reminds me of the days of hacking AOL!" Wow, AOL was also a programming language?

Next posting: "I realized today that Perl is "open source"" ... "Also lots of really technical people in my hometown have never even heard of PERL!"

Bing! Troll! This is performance art, and you are the offspring of the "brillant Paula Bean" and Wassercrats.

Never heard of Perl? Don't you know France has a whole town named after the language?

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