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Can you imagine a world that was not driven by "sex hormone response and misplaced Judeo-Christian guilt?" My point is why do people consider some words offensive? This society has been using the sex drive of humans, in a devious and underhanded way: first you claim it's dirty and shouldn't be talked about, then on the other hand, base almost all social interaction on it. It ends up where everyone is living a dual life: one is the hypocritical self we present to the world, and the other is the fun-loving sexual beast present in us all.

It all starts with hiding behind clothes..... oooh how vulgar.... you showed your butt, oh thats right.... I can't even say the word butt.

I find pictures of blown apart bodies very obscene, yet they show them on the news every night, but if Janet Jackson shows a bit of tit, a giant uproar occurs, even though all the complainers have secret stashes of Playboy magazines. I guess porn is more fun if you think it is dirty?

We need more honesty in the public about sex. Should Bill Clinton have been crucified for having sex with some consenting party? Is the mayor of San Francisco unfit for office, just because he had sex with a good looking woman?

All this talk of declaring things obscene, just feeds the hypocrisy.

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