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Re: RFC: Language::Logo

by chanio (Priest)
on Jan 31, 2007 at 05:28 UTC ( #597503=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RFC: Language::Logo

Another quick response due to the impression of your amazing module and idea:

I recall using one of the oldest versions of Logo in Apple II.

It consisted of a very simple screen and a command line input.

As it's main purpose was to provide the student with a way of learning through trial and error, it just accumulated commands that where interactively tried on screen. After trying a bunch of them, they where sort of committed to the turtle as a complete set of instructions and then built as a series of commands to be saved as a module or function.

The fun was that with only trying things one was learning how to move the turtle and at the same time, learning to program in Logo.

The scripts where very clear. With nothing else but those tested commands. Then they where compiled into one of the oldest Apple Pascal language.

During the compilation, some output was shown but fast erased in order to bring no confusion to the student.

Besides the graphic screen, I heard that there was actually a real turtle robot with a pencil at it's center that would move up and down as it was expected. It was connected to the apple with a serial cable. But I didn't have the luck of studying in such centers...

Logo resulted very addictive to me at those old days. I was meant to only test the language but couldn't resist trying more and more. It was more like a game than a programming tool, although I have later heard of very interesting arquitectural designs done with Logo.

Of course that I will try this module. In several aspects I believe that it is another masterpiece.

The main idea of my writing is to remember you of the importance of having as interfase a clear screen with just the plain logo commands that would be tested and some kind of result. Please, find some place to subscribe to let others help you improving your module. Not in a full time, in my case, but with some little contributions that might help the final result.

echo 'jUSt ANOther PERl HACKer' | morse -s | perl -e"while (<>){chom +p; my $out=$_; $out=~s/\s//g; $out=~tr/\-\.\,/10 /;print($out)}"| per +l -e"while (<>){chomp; my $deco=$_; $deco=~tr/01/.-/; $deco=~s/\s/\,\ +n/g; print substr($deco,0,-2),$/}" | demorse

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