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Hi JohnGG,

Sorry I took so long to reply. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try and put them into the code.

As for taking up music, I'd say yes, yes, yes. I was very lucky to take up guitar when I was 11. That said, I played a long time before I understood what I was playing at an emotional level. You already have that at 50.

I also was more concerned about just getting some nice songs out than in understanding music theory. I have more patience for that type of thing now at 42, and probably would have made better progress had I gotten more interested in it. You have the benefit of wisdom to allow you to understand better what you are doing.

Anyway, even if you never end up playing for anyone else, it is self-actualizing to take it up. I hope you decide to learn how to play something. My music is one of the most rewarding things I do, and I do it just for me.