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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[marto]good morning all
[Corion]Hi marto!
[marto]hey Corion, hope you are well and in lockdown :)
[Corion]marto: Yeah - and so far I think I'm coping well enough :)) I've "started streaming", actually, to screenshare games I play with a friend, I had to sign up with Twitch because all other (non-fiddly) solutions had far too much latency
[Corion]I just have to find a good remote screen solution so I can set up his PC, as he already has difficulties entering website addresses into the right input box %-|
[Corion]But at least he now also wants a webcam and/or headset. Except that Amazon is all sold out :)
[Corion]I hope you and the boys cope well - can you leave the house for a (long) walk outside?
[marto]which games are you playing?
[Corion]Half-Life: Alyx yesterday, and likely Saturday next week again :) I might cheat and play some of it for myself, but I'll pick up our savegame then again ;)
[Corion]Currently we talk by keeping a phone line open, but a VoIP connection would be more convenient hopefully, if he gets a room microphone, or a webcam with mic. Except, those are sold out :)
[Corion]Half-Life: Alyx, that is - a VR game, but it has affordances for 2d watchers :)
[marto]I've read great things HL-A
[marto]mumble has clients for pretty much everything, really low latency
[Corion]marto: Yes, it's a very polished game, and very good IMO, not only good for a VR-game ;)
[Corion]But mumble is audio-only, right? I tried out a mumble web client and it actually worked well - I haven't settled on what I'll use for the friend - I think I'll first have to get some kind of remote desktop setup working before I can try other things, ...
[marto]I'm having motivational issues, need to get out of that
[Corion]... as he's not too handy with even typing things in and reading the screen back to me (dyslexia, and a cataract make a nasty combination :) )
[marto]jitsi can share desktops,
[Corion]marto: Ouch - yeah, I've been postponing some less pleasant things as well. I'm trying to get sunlight (not easy on todays cloudy day), but if you're allowed walks outside, I'd try that...
[Corion]marto: Oooh - maybe I can try that. Or maybe I can RDP into his box, that would mean he doesn't have to download+install anything and merely fight the Windows setup ...
[marto]jitsi works well in browsers, no need to install anything
[marto]though they seem to have an issue with firefox stable
[marto]if you do go down the jitsi path, just save yourself some trouble and install their nighlies
[Corion]... hmm - it seems Teamviewer is the recommended solution... Not immediately great, but likely better than trying to get other things set up via the phone
[Corion]marto: Yeah, Thursday I tried out Matrix with my boss, and it works, except that the voice chat is simply delegated to Jitsi, so we're wondering why we didn't go with Jitsi in the first place :)
[marto]so I spun up a vps (scaleway 3 euro/month) and installed jiti, it's had no problem so far, besides the firefox stable issue
[Ea]jitsi does fine in Chrome
[Ea]we tried Teams for 5 seconds until the "your browser is not supported" popped up
[marto]I have an idea to work on, but it requires a front end, looking for someting lighter than bootstrap I found chota
[Corion]Oooh - - works without installing anything, on Firefox
[marto]I really hate UI stuff :P
[Corion]... well, likely it has the usual WebRTC connectivity issues, but I'll try that one first
[Corion]marto: "lighter than bootstrap"? I found Bootstrap to be very fire-and-forget...
[Corion]... ah, but Chota is 3kb, so that's certainly lighter!
[Corion](can anybody of you connect to my desktop as shared above?)
[marto]that like asks me if I'd like to share my screen
[marto]so lighter in terms of resources
[Corion]Oh - hmm - no, that's the wrong way around then, let me see what the correct URL would be, then ;)
[marto]bootstrap is great, but I don't want to use it when I don't have to. I do use it at $work
[marto]I can throw away jQuery without losing any of the handy helpers it gives, replacing it with very few lines of JavaScript
[Corion]Ahaa! should share my desktop
[Corion]marto: Ah, yes - eliminating jQuery is good. I have replaced most uses of jQuery by fetch(), as I don't have to care much about compatibility
[marto]part of what I want to deliver is something functional, clean looking and really minimal over the wire in terms of bandwidth, since it's paired back it'll take fewer resources to render
[Corion]Maybe I should put all those things (screen sharing, canvas, etc.) onto my site, just to have URLs that are easier to communicate to other people ...
[Corion]marto: Yeah - the last "website"/webapp I created (my weather display) is small, except for the 40k (compressed) list of available locations I bundle with it ;)
[Corion]Meh - it looks good in theory, but in practice, screen sharing there doesn't work. Likely, as always, WebRTC connection issues :(
[marto]Corion battling bloat is good :)
[marto]I guess I'll do some scribbles of how this UI should look, on paper
[marto]on the rare occasion I have to do this sort of thing, I end up having to stop myself writing some UI builder/editor
[Corion]marto: Yes - I found working with/from a paper very good to keep me focused on implementing what I want instead of disappearing down the rabbit hole of CSS incompatibilities etc.
[Corion]marto: Yes - the "do it on paper first" approach brought me to a very hardcoded template layout, but that's exactly what's needed to be basically screen resolution independent
[Corion]So yes, I can heartily recommend working with paper first for the general display/layout of things
[Corion]Hurr - but now, reading more about it, it just seems that this desktop sharing just needs a TURN server, as all of these things do, and I've just set up one with my boss some days ago. So I can host my own private TURN server and just have to find out ...
[Corion]... how to secure it, and things should work ... Cool!

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