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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[GrandFather]Indeed Corion. We still do contact tracing and many people wear masks on public transport. My Wife and I wore masks on our flights there and back, but otherwise it's pretty much business as usual
[Corion]GrandFather: Here, people are wearing masks, but the numbers are very much rising here, and I wonder whether people really follow the rules that much ... At least it's ruined my enjoyment of going out to eat :-|
[choroba]We have a night curfew here and numbers still rising :-(

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[GrandFather]We weep for the rest of the world and Governments that haven't the sense to take care of people first.
[GrandFather]It's a hard call, but a strict lock down with the population in agreement seems to mee to make best sense. It was very strange here during lock down earlier in the year. The streets were completely empty of traffic and everything was quiet
[GrandFather]My wife and I would go for 5km walks at night along silent empty streets. It was great
[Corion]Phew .... I'm in a video call with somebody who speaks German, but constantly uses English words, even where perfectly good German words exist... Annoying ...
[erix]our (NL) politicians have postponed everything while numbers are rising (pretty steeply). Typical, I'm afraid
[Corion]GrandFather: Yeah - the problem here is that people get infected still, and a second lockdown is likely economically impossible. Also, there are (not as dense populated) parts of Germany where there is basically no incidence, and locking them down too m
[Corion]... makes little sense. And yeah, every day counts when you have exponential growth :-|
[GrandFather]New Zealand generates a lot of its income through overseas tourists so our economy has taken a large hit, but has bounced back much quicker than expected after our 7 week strict lock down.
[erix](postponed=postponed decisions)
[choroba]erix We had the same here. There were local elections and the politicians waited with all the regulations until they had their votes.
[GrandFather]"economically impossible" is just plain wrong. The longer the virus is doing the round the more the economy is going to be affected. A 7 week lock down is likely to have less impact than letting the economical impact spread out over a year. That is ...
[GrandFather]much harder to come back from
[choroba]Which means they started to do anything at least 14 days later than they should have
[erix]Billions of Euros to the national airline- and nothing towards essential workers, especially care workers. It's really callous (if that's the word I want)
[Corion]GrandFather: Yeah, I know - but the reaction needs to be more than the blanket lockdown like we had in our first round
[Corion]erix: It's the same here - the health care workers argued for a wage raise, after being praised as essential earlier this year, but (as expected), nothing came of this
[erix]And still, the more pitchfork-minded are on the corona-is-a-hoax side.
[GrandFather]We had a second small community transmission outbreak in Auckland just before we were to have our Government election. Auckland went into strong lockdown and the rest of the country went into a weaker lock down. The election was delayed
[GrandFather]That lockdown lasted about 6 weeks without greatly affecting people outside Auckland, but we are now back to mostly normal and have had our election.
[GrandFather]Hmm, some of the problem with the recent Auckland outbreak was a church community didn't play by the rules and things got more out of hand than they should have.
[Corion]GrandFather: Yeah - I hope for something like that here - I still wonder where people actually infect themselves, even in a city, but it seems that I'm more an outlier with my number of social in-person contacts ...
[Corion]GrandFather: Yeah, I think at least the big publicised events were weddings and religious congregations ...
[Corion](here, in Germany, I mean)
[GrandFather]Person to person seems to be most common. Hard to avoid because you can transmit before you show symptoms. That's were masks are important. But the virus can be viable on surfaces for days. We had one case where it seems the transmission was via a ...
[GrandFather]rubbish bin. In the Auckland outbreak they used gene sequencing to identify strains of the virus and track how it spread.
[GrandFather]Combined with contact tracking that provides some very powerful tools for managing an outbreak.
[GrandFather]I imagine that is harder to do with large numbers of cases. The Auckland outbreak reached about 100 infections and I think two deaths.
[Discipulus]here we have 11 hours queue to make the covid test. you must stay in the car and you must use the car as toilet too if needed. And wait: the gov had long time to prepare for a new emergency
[Corion]Discipulus: I think here, there currently are basically no queues, but that will certainly change in a week, as the numbers are on the rise
[Discipulus]I bet germany will be 'a bit' more organized :)

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