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Vegies and Fruits and Grains

by jonadab (Parson)
on Nov 14, 2006 at 14:41 UTC ( #583973=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My favorite food for feasting:

The really good stuff is the fruits and vegies and such. Glazed carrots, creamed dried corn, baked apples with brown sugar and raisins, baked acorn squash, steamed broccoli, homemade Jonathan & Grimes Golden applesauce, potatoes with black pepper and salt, stuffing (largely a grain product, ultimately), peas, cranberry sauce, light and fluffy pumpkin pies (not those thick gooey things you get at the store, but the real, honest-to-goodness homemade ones with the beaten eggwhites in the filling), pears with sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg, homemade apple and peach pies, biscuits (or rolls) with homemade peach jam, ... I could go on and on.

I voted for dead fowl parts, because we have that too. But that's just there to balance out the meal so it has some protein. It's the other stuff that's really exciting.

Tofu and/or cheesecake are right out. I like beans okay, but not in that form, and cheesecake must be kept FAR away from feasts, to prevent a dangerous food/antifood reaction. The combination of tofu and cheesecake together is too horrible to contemplate.

Sanity? Oh, yeah, I've got all kinds of sanity. In fact, I've developed whole new kinds of sanity. You can just call me "Mister Sanity". Why, I've got so much sanity it's driving me crazy.

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