On at least two occasions, one of my nodes has been voted --. This is fine, that is your priviledge as one who has been here long enough to be able to vote.

What bothers me though is WHY was my node voted --:

  • Did I post in the wrong place ?
  • Was it something I could have found by doing a search / super search ?
  • Was it off-topic ?
  • Was it not clear what I was asking ?
  • On one of the occasions when my node was voted --, I saw a comment about it in the CB and asked the person about it. He politely explained the reason. This was helpful as I was unaware at the time.

    The other occasion I know of, I don't have a clue why my node was voted --.

    Perhaps there could be a 'feature' added when someone votes -- on a node, to allow (force) the user to put in a short reason why they voted as such. If there were a way to /msg me and yet remain anonymous, that too would be fine.

    I have no problem what so ever with my nodes being voted --. I do not care WHO voted my node --. What I do care about is WHY my node was voted down.

    If I'm not informed as to why my node was voted --, then how can you possibly expect me to do 'better' next time ?

    Seeking the wisdom of my peers....