in reply to how to call perl-cgi from another perl-cgi?

Maybe you want to be more specific about your need. You might want to create a module for the code contained in your perl2.cgi file. Something like that (untested):

package MyModule; sub something { my ($param) = @_; # do something here } 1;


use MyModule; use CGI; # process something here... my $result = process_something_here(); MyModule::something($result);


use MyModule; use CGI; # process other thing here... my $result = process_other_thing_here(); MyModule::something($result);

Maybe you have to think about your problem. Maybe you want to share a specific part of your perl2.cgi file. If you want that, create a module (perlmodlib) and share that. It is better than glueing a lot of CGI's together.

Hope that helps.

Igor 'izut' Sutton
your code, your rules.