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hi all, i need a small clarification in the following program. i have a datafile like this.
ENTRY CCHU #type complete TITLE cytochrome c [validated] - human Homo sapiens ORGANISM #formal_name Homo sapiens #common_name man ACCESSIONS A31764; A05676; I55192; A00001 MGDVEKGKKIFIMKCSQCHTVEMGDVEKGGKHKTGPNLHGMIYARAJLFGRKTSEKGQAPGYSYTAANKN +KGIIWGEDTLMEYLENPKKYIP ENTRY CCCZ #type complete TITLE cytochrome c - chimpanzee (tentative sequence) ORGANISM #formal_name Pan troglodytes #common_name chimpanzee ACCESSIONS A00002 GDVEKGKKIFIMKCSQCHTSEKVEKGSSSKHKSSSTGPNLHGLMIYARAJFGRKTGSEKQAPGYSYTAAN +KNKGIIWGED ENTRY CCMQR #type complete TITLE cytochrome c - rhesus macaque (tentative sequence) Macaca mulatta ORGANISM #formal_name Macaca mulatta #common_name rhesus macaq +ue ACCESSIONS A00003 GDVEKGKKIFIMKCSQSEKCHTVEKGGSSSSKHKTGPNLHGSSEKEMIYARAJKSEKLFGAAAAAAAARK +TGQAPGYSYTAANKSSSSNKGITWGEDTLMEYLENPKKYIPGTKMIFVGIKKKEE ENTRY CCMKP #type complete TITLE cytochrome c - spider monkey ORGANISM #formal_name Ateles sp. #common_name spider monkey ACCESSIONS A00004 GDVFKGKRIFIMKCSQCHTVESSSSKGGKHKTGPNLHGLMIYARAJSEKFGSSSSSSSSSSR
i have written a program to save each and every line in a seperate array. this is the program
open (PIR,'/home/guest/sampir.txt'); my @arr = (); while (<PIR>) { chomp; if( /^ENTRY/ ) { $entry = $_ } elsif ( /^(TITLE)\s+(\S.*)/ ) { $title = "$1\n\t $2" } elsif ( /^(ORGANISM)\s+(\S.*)/ ) { $org = "$1\n\t $2" } elsif ( /^ACCESSIONS/ ) { $acc = $_ } else { push @se, $_; } }
but the line which is under the TITLE heading is not giving the 2nd line of its data. instead it gives only the first line. eg; when i print the title of the first entry it prints only "cytochrome c validated - human "and its not printing the second line "Homo sapiens"... How do i print the second line too in the same first line? plz help out. thanks.