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Does anyone have an example of reading/writing to ethernet devices for Win32 and Linux? I've seen blurbs about Net::Ethernet, NET::PCap, NET::PcapUtils..... I don't understand how they all work together.

I need to do the same thing tcpdump (Linux) and Ethereal do, read information from an ethernet port and display/modify the data. I need to write an application and not use Ethereal. We will be modifying the TCP/IP data and send it to the hardware we are producing. The ethernet data may be from FTP, TCP/IP, DNS, NTP or any other socket/port combo. I don't want to write a socket app for each combo. Is this clearer?

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As an example: while data_available_on_ethernet_device read_data parse_data if data_is_what_I_am_looking_for modify/add to data format new tcp/ip packet send/forward packet else discard packet end_while Thanks for all your help. If I can only resolve the errors with loading Net::Ethernet, Pcap, PcapUtils and libpcap, I could probably get this to work.