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Re: Which configuration module?

by tilly (Archbishop)
on Oct 20, 2006 at 17:59 UTC ( #579662=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Which configuration module?

What do you want in a configuration module?

See Re (tilly) 6: using strict and a config file for a fairly reasonable list of wants that I had at one point, which none of those modules provides. (For the record, I'm still happy with pure Perl configuration files.)

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Re^2: Which configuration module?
by andreas1234567 (Vicar) on Oct 21, 2006 at 13:07 UTC
    Well, I second tilly's requirements in this post.

    My requirements to a configuration module are:
    1. Allow nested categories.
    2. Allow list values (e.g. users=tinkywinky,dipsy,lala,po).
    3. Warn on access attempt to undefined variables.
    I am unfamiliar with have these requirements are covered, but thanks to excellent response from the monks, I have a good starting point for finding the way.



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