I was wandering through the Monastary, and I was wondering (don't switch the 2 verbs ;-) :

Why isn't there any kind of workshop area, where people could meet to discuss/develop mid-size projects. A place where people could call for participation on project they want to start/finish.

To be more precise it's all about giving a more 'Team centric' tool to work/learn/discuss on medium/large projects.

I think (IMHO) that the threads aren't practical to handling discussion on large piece of code over long period(It leads to a looooooooooooooong list of answer, it's sometimes hard to find the part of the code someone is talking about,it keeps a lot of noise...)

This workshop area should enabled groups of people to work on a common project for a long time period keeping only informations needed (members,schedule,code,notes...) and convenient way to chat about this topic (list oriented /msg) and a way to stay informed of any changes on the project (response/code modification/member join/etc notifications)

No I'm not talking about doing another sourceforge, but rather an Area where Newbies can practice Perl on Real project initiated by other (experienced?) monks.

Medium project (like new modules?) should always provide tasks for different level of skills.
I'm sure some of you have ideas of project that they don't code because they lack time or maybe some skill in one particular area; such workshop would enable you to start some project, lower the developpement time (giving sub-task to interested people) and solve some difficult problems (the Monks knowledge is without limit...)

Why do it here rather than at (lest's say) sourceforge ?

 * Because a Perl related project has no better place than the Monastary.
 * Because the most talented Perl programmer are here ;-)
 * Because it would be another great way to make the monks learn.
 * Because I think that if all the amazing Perl coder hanging around, work together, it could produce amazing things !
 * To give more work to wroom ! ;-)

Is there any monk here feeling like me, not skilled enough to start something alone but willing to do something ?

Btw if this workshop area interest enough monks, a way to share code would be very useful (CVS server ?)