Quite often I see posts pointing at a mistake in a post, correcting a previous post by the same author, or thanking people for their answers.

While the result of those post is to improve either the technical content of the site or its friendly atmosphere, I believe there are easy-but-often-overlooked ways to achieve the same result:

I think using these tricks would lower slightly the number of not-too-relevant posts and increase the signal/noise ratio of the site.

And if you are worried about XP's (more posts = more XP's) those kinds of post never get much votes anyway (I know, I know, PM experts will object that by lowering $NORM they increase the likelyhood of other posts to get XP's... let's not go there please ;--)

2006-04-14 Retitled by planetscape, as per Monastery guidelines
Original title: 'Increasing the Signal/Noise ration of PM'