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Among other things, POD does not support indentation
Sure it does -- in a Pod format block.

Perhaps, but that particular definition of "indentation" is ... shall we say, a lot more 'loose' than the originally intended definition, which can be illustrated as follows:

=for comment This comment can be indented as much as I want and even more than I want =cut for(0 .. 4){ for(0 .. 3){ for (0 .. 2){ =for comment However, even though "indentation" is supported here, we still have those dangling POD delimiters way back over there. <- <- <- <- Attempting to line them up with the rest of the code produces an error. This is not good because it breaks 'code-folding' in the text editor. It also looks just plain ugly. =cut print "$_\n"; }; }; }; __END__

Moreover, one has to consider whether the POD in this illustration is even well-formed to begin with. Should this be a format block? Will begin/end work? Is 'for comment' sufficient? Will this mess up the POD documentation? *Way* too much hassle when all you wanted was a *comment*.