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I use a variant of that approach for Vim. In my .vimrc file:
"=====[ Add or subtract comments ]=============================== function ToggleComment () let currline = getline(".") if currline =~ '^#' s/^#// else s/^/#/ endif endfunction map <silent> # :call ToggleComment()<CR>j0
Thereafter hitting # in Normal mode either inserts a comment marker(if the line doesn't have one) or removes it (if one was already there). Either way, the cursor is then moved to the next line ready to dish out more of the same treatment.

The upshot is that a series of #'s runs you down the file, toggling the commentedness of each line.

However, for inserting/removing long blocks of comments I find Visual mode the easiest solution. Navigate to the start of the first (or last) line on which you want to insert comments. Then type CTRL-V to enter Visual Block mode. Then navigate to the other end of the block of code you want to comment, using any of the normal Vim motion commands. Then type I#<ESC> and...voilą!

To subsequently remove a block of column-1 comments: CTRL-V(navigate to other end)x

UPDATE: Added missing if line and corrected else (thanks Jack!)