in reply to Multi-line comments in perl code?

The feature about which you inquire is customarily referred to as Multi-Line Comments. Perl does not have this feature. That is, it does not unless you resort to a source code filter, an add-on module or any of various klunky 'workarounds' which may or may not be suitable for your needs.

It is important to emphasize that POD is *not* the same thing as Multi-Line Comments. At least not if you are accustomed to the CPlusPlus/Java variant. Among other things, POD does not support indentation, and POD does not support "comments" that span fewer than two lines.

It may be more productive to simply acknowledge that perl does not have this feature, and consider the alternatives, such as a script or macro for your text editor, rather than try to shoehorn them in, and bother with potential side-effects.