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Hi Monks. Does anyone know if I can write comments in Perl without opening each line with #. For example, I would like not to have to type "#" 4 times in the following code:
$paramData = &replaceParamsInString($self->{debug},$contentRequest,$pa +ramsMLToRequest); #A hash named $requestParams is created containing all #the data needed for the http transaction. This data #is then stored in $self->RequestParams, and no further data # is needed. my $requestParams = $self->{RequestParams}; $requestParams->{cgi_method} = $self->{method}; $requestParams->{url} = $self->{Find}->{baseUrl}; $requestParams->{httpContent} = $paramData;
I know that in Java you can place a */ or something similar at the beginning and end of the comments, and then not have to start each new sentence with a star. Is there something similar in Perl?
Thanks in advance,
Guy Naamati

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