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Assume a table called 'tvshow' with the following data:
### begin_: tvshow table type ;; title ;; fname ;; lname sitcom ;; simpsons ;; homer ;; simpson sitcom ;; simpsons ;; ned ;; flanders sitcom ;; flintstones ;; fred ;; flintstone sitcom ;; flintstones ;; wilma ;; flintstone sitcom ;; flintstones ;; barney ;; rubble gameshow ;; price is right ;; bob ;; barker gameshow ;; jeopardy ;; alex ;; trebek


Does there exist anything that will allow that data to be queried in a manner such as (or substantially similar to):
### begin_: query pseudo-code TREE_SELECT type,title,fname,lname FROM tvshow WITH_LEVEL (1,'type' ) WITH_LEVEL (2,'title' ) WITH_LEVEL (3,'lname','fname' ) WHERE type = 'gameshow'
... producing the result ...
gameshow price is right barker,bob jeopardy trebek,alex


Assume the only important question is whether such a query syntax exists as either a published spec or (even better) runnable code somewhere.

It is nice to have a perl-based solution that returns the results in structured (e.g., XML, perl data structure, YAML) format, but for now, mere confirmation of whether this exists somewhere (and if so, how is it implemented and what is it called) would be enough. The purpose is due-dilligence before re-inventing this particular wheel, assuming it *is* a wheel.