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Re: Spanish translation of pack/unpack tutorial (location)

by tye (Sage)
on Jun 27, 2006 at 02:29 UTC ( #557695=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Spanish translation of pack/unpack tutorial

PMD is a fine place to discuss what to do about translat(ing|ed) tutorials.

Meditations is the traditional (and appropriate, IMO) place to post something that might become a tutorial but isn't currently quite composed as a tutorial (or perhaps that requires a round of feedback before the author feels comfortable submitting it as a tutorial).

If you have something that is written as a tutorial and is substantially finished/ready, then you should just post it to Tutorials1.

So I suggest that you cut'n'paste the tutorial part of your node as a new tutorial. Please add a link from this thread to that tutorial. I wouldn't mind if you actually replaced the tutorial embedded above with such a link, but being conservative when making edits is usually a good idea so you could leave in place or do something "in between" such as 'hide' it in "spoiler" tags to remove clutter for those looking for the PMD-appropriate part of the discussion.

FYI, I would not suggest pasting this tutorial as a Meditations even if you don't feel ready to post it as a real tutorial -- posting three root nodes seems a bit much for getting one Tutorial added. I could see you posting subsequent tutorial candidates as Meditations, but this example and the nature of translations leads me to believe that these proposed tutorials are/will be substatially "finished" and just going directly to Tutorials and making adjustments based on any comments you receive would be the best route.

Thanks for comtributing!

1 Note that this includes follow-ups to proposed tutorials that were submitted as meditations. Putting the original mediation into Tutorials (whether the node type gets converted/"moved" or not) has not worked that well in practice as well as presenting some technical disavantages.

- tye        

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