in reply to possible combinations in sequence


Here's my stab at it. I took out the hash because my method doesn't generate duplicates. Instead I just return the list of results:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; # initial source in sequence order my $source = 'horse:cow:dog:cat'; function($source); # and now the results foreach (function($source)) { print "$_\n"; } # generate array of combinations sub function { my @t = split /:/, shift; my @res=(shift @t); for my $i (@t) { @res=($i, @res, map{$_.':'.$i} @res); } return @res; }
UPDATE: I didn't benchmark it because I've never used that module before. (I'll have to go install it and read up on it.) But I submitted it because I suspect that generating the strings from components might be faster than removing chunks. Any benchmarking ninjas out there wanna help me out?