Description: I have a text string which contains a sequence of words. For example:
I needed to generate every combination of words (missing or not), but each combination must maintain the original sequence. For example a partial result of the above:
cow, cat, horse:cow, horse:cat, cow:dog:cat, etc
(cow:horse would be considered out of sequence)
Here's how I handled it. Perhaps there's a faster way?
use strict;
use warnings;

# initial source in sequence order
my $source = 'horse:cow:dog:cat';

# hash used to store results (weed out dups)
my %hash;

function(\%hash, $source);

# and now the results
foreach (keys %hash) {
    print "$_\n";

# generate array of combinations
# (hash keys are the results)
sub function {
    my $hash_ref = shift;
    my $source = shift;

    # skip it if we've been here
    return if $hash_ref->{$source};


    # remove one of each part from the whole
    if ((my @parts = split(/:/, $source)) > 1) {
        for (my $i = 0; $i < @parts; $i++) {
            my @parts_copy = split(/:/, $source);
            splice(@parts_copy, $i, 1);
            function($hash_ref, join(':',@parts_copy));