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Re: Creating packages on the fly

by Gilimanjaro (Hermit)
on Jun 06, 2006 at 21:13 UTC ( #553924=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Creating packages on the fly

Here's what I whipped up using UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD; it seems to actually work! It also attempts to store an already setup UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD and use it if the requested package isn't one that should be auto-generated, so it should be safe to use with other UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD'ing stuff, as long as this one is use'd last (or the others are smart too).

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use lib '.'; use Wx; use Class::Generate::Auto 'Jouke::Wx' => 'Wx'; my $w = Jouke::Wx::App->new; exit; package Class::Generate::Auto; use strict; use warnings; our $AUTOLOAD; our %mapping; my $old_ua = undef; sub import { my $this = shift; while(@_) { my $prefix = shift; my $superclass = shift; $mapping{$prefix} = $superclass; } my $current_ua = UNIVERSAL->can('AUTOLOAD'); if($current_ua and $current_ua!=\&autoloader) { $old_ua = $current_ua; } *UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD=\&autoloader; } sub autoloader { my ($package,$method) = $AUTOLOAD =~ /^(.*)::(.*)$/; return if $method eq 'DESTROY'; keys %mapping; while(my ($prefix,$superclass) = each %mapping) { my ($extra) = $package =~ /^${prefix}::(.*)$/ or next; $superclass .= "::$extra" if $extra; eval "package $package; use base q{$superclass};"; die "Unable to auto-generate class $package as subclass from $ +superclass: $@" if $@; my $method_ref = $package->can($method); die "Freshly auto-generated class $package can't $method (prob +ably $superclass can't either)" unless $method_ref; goto $method_ref; } goto $old_ua if $old_ua; die "Class $package can't $method and no autoloader was present be +fore ".__PACKAGE__." was loaded"; } 1;

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Re^2: Creating packages on the fly
by Jouke (Curate) on Jun 07, 2006 at 06:37 UTC
    hehehe...very nice....and scary close to what I have here. I'm running into some practical problems however, that I'm trying to work out now.
    The problems I run into now are related to the specific implementation I had in mind. I'm sure that with your and gellyfish's suggestions I'll be able to work it out tho'

    Thanks guys!

    Jouke Visser
    Using Perl to enable the disabled: pVoice

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