No details have been hammered out yet but we're gonna give Thursday Night a go. Follow this thread religiously for more details or stop by the booth Thursday and get the low down.

tilly thought a cheap diner might be a good meeting spot. Neither tilly nor I know of such a place near the convention center as of yet. My thought would be meeting at the convention near closing time and then heading to dinner after that might be our best bet. If we don't all hate each other too much maybe we can continue the party somewhere else afterwards.

If you're gonna be there on another day and would like to meet some fellow monks propose a meeting time at the booth for the day you'll be there below.

Thoughts on the matter, actual locations for this get together??? Let us know below.

Update:Katz's Deli, is what we're gonna go with. Swing by the booth today to let me know if you're in. I suggest people stop by the booth around 5:45 if you want to head over there with a group. Otherwise meet us there between 6:30 and 7.

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