Hi all,

There are lot of people asking about perlmonks. I used to tell them whatever I know from my experience with monks, because I am a Junior to this forum. The reason why I am telling myself as junior means, there are lot of users who are doing great contribution to this perlmonks from the day it started.

There are lot of users who are being with the monks site from the day one it started. I request those kind of users to share theire experience with other users. This would be helpful for all people who are joining in this perlmonks community. This would helpful for them to make some users as theire role model with regard to perl.

For example all saints can share theire experience about other saints If they have something to share. Definitely all saints would have contributed to many of writeups given by other saints or users. From other user writeups each one of us would have a admired about some writeups and admired about theire capability of creative thinking. I would like you people to share those kind of experience.

Definitely merlyn would have something to share about BrowserUk or Ovid

That is just an example I have mentioned about merlyn BrowserUk , Ovid. But this may vary depends upon every user.

Basically I am asking all user to share theire experience about other users.

"Keep pouring your ideas"