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Re: Storable, Cygwin, and memory issues

by vkon (Curate)
on Apr 06, 2006 at 21:47 UTC ( #541747=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Storable, Cygwin, and memory issues

Of course few tens of megabytes should be processed okay.
I used to operate this way Archive::Zip object of size 35Mb, which was done for archive some 400Mbytes, in order to save archive creation time -- without any problems.

You didn't provided many detailed version information, so I guess on what I saw in your post.
As long as you mentioned "cygnus" I assume this cygwin is rather old, and it could be that its default mounts are text (as opposed to binary), so this could lead to broken numbers and thus huge memory allocations.

As for memory profiling - I use very primitive but quite handy way to see for memory consumptions. near 1Gb -- just ordinary task manager shows eaten memory just fine.
Otherwise Devel::Peek for precise analyzis, but this requires some programming.


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Re^2: Storable, Cygwin, and memory issues
by dpuu (Chaplain) on Apr 06, 2006 at 21:56 UTC
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, it is quite an old cygwin: 1.3.22, running perl 5.8.0 with Storable 2.04. The mount points are binmode.

    Opinions my own; statements of fact may be in error.
      ... not the oldest cygwin ever :):)
      Did you succeeded narrowing down a problem to some reproducable test case?

      (sorry for being trivial:)

        Excellent suggestion: if there's no known problem then I'll see if I can do that. Do you have any ideas what direction to head in? Are then any types of data that Storable might have problems with (e.g. self-referential structures, blessed things, big hashes, big arrays, ...). A simple flat array of [ (1) x 10e6 ] doesn't seem to trigger it.
        Opinions my own; statements of fact may be in error.

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