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HeatSeekerCannibal's scratchpad

by HeatSeekerCannibal (Beadle)
on Apr 01, 2006 at 00:54 UTC ( #540587=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
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    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    close FIFO;
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    my %IniStruct = (
            qr/^MONICACTE RAIZ$/ => {
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          <FRAME SRC="qry_empty.html" NAME=FRM_QRY NORESIZE>
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    use strict;
    use CGI ':standard';
    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print $template->output;
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    use IO::Socket;
    close $client
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    use Tk;
    use Tk::HList;
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    my @resultados = `rsh worst-station -l ab-user ls -lta /space`;
    close LOG;

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