I started to write this .vimrc file because I wanted my programs to use 4-space (actual spaces!) identation.

That was a simple need, but, after a quick research, I found many features that made Perl programming more enjoyable in Vim.

Without more delay, here's my .vimrc file:

" use visual bell instead of beeping set vb " incremental search set incsearch " syntax highlighting set bg=light syntax on " autoindent autocmd FileType perl set autoindent|set smartindent " 4 space tabs autocmd FileType perl set tabstop=4|set shiftwidth=4|set expandtab|set + softtabstop=4 " show matching brackets autocmd FileType perl set showmatch " show line numbers autocmd FileType perl set number " check perl code with :make autocmd FileType perl set makeprg=perl\ -c\ %\ $* autocmd FileType perl set errorformat=%f:%l:%m autocmd FileType perl set autowrite " dont use Q for Ex mode map Q :q " make tab in v mode ident code vmap <tab> >gv vmap <s-tab> <gv " make tab in normal mode ident code nmap <tab> I<tab><esc> nmap <s-tab> ^i<bs><esc> " paste mode - this will avoid unexpected effects when you " cut or copy some text from one window and paste it in Vim. set pastetoggle=<F11> " comment/uncomment blocks of code (in vmode) vmap _c :s/^/#/gi<Enter> vmap _C :s/^#//gi<Enter> " my perl includes pod let perl_include_pod = 1 " syntax color complex things like @{${"foo"}} let perl_extended_vars = 1 " Tidy selected lines (or entire file) with _t: nnoremap <silent> _t :%!perltidy -q<Enter> vnoremap <silent> _t :!perltidy -q<Enter> " Deparse obfuscated code nnoremap <silent> _d :.!perl -MO=Deparse 2>/dev/null<cr> vnoremap <silent> _d :!perl -MO=Deparse 2>/dev/null<cr>

Most of the features are self-evident when you open your next perl script. Other features deserve some comments:

I hope you'll find those tricks useful!