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Hi, while testing Tk-thumbnail-viewer , I came across a problem, which I can't resolve. If you descend into the image subdir art/Paintings/Van_Gogh , there is a file named
Van_Gogh__Landscape_at_Saint_Rémy .png
as seen in Midnight Commander. If I do a dir, I see
Van_Gogh__Landscape_at_Saint_R\303\251my\ .png
Needless to say, when I try to open the file in my Tk program, it complains that "no such file exists". There are a few other files named this way, in the clipart package, and I want to know how to deal with them, so they will load in Perl.

My c based apps seem to find it.

I tried it from a gtk2 version of my viewer, and I get

*** Failed to open file './wpclipart_src-1.7/art/Paintings/Van_Gogh/ +Van_Gogh__Landscape_at_Saint_R©my .png': No such file or directory +at ./gtk2_thumbnail_viewer1 line 272.
Somehow the Rémy turned into R©my ??

Can anyone explain this for me?

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