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Esteemed Monks,

In my search to try and create an interface to Skype using Perl I have searched high and low for information on Perl and Win32's OLE. I am currently using Win32::OLE

I have merlyn's "Learning Perl on Win32 Systems" from 1997 - the 9 pages on OLE there only seem to echo the "use Word from Perl" or "use Excel from Perl" approach that I have also found in the monsatery and elsewhere on the Web. But of course in 1997 maybe there wasn't a lot of interest in OLE.

What other resources exist that you might know about? In particular I would like to learn about EVENTS and how to handle them. Is the Dave Roth book, "Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions, 2nd Edition" from 2001 of any value? I have never actually seen a copy in the bookstores.