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Re: comments and qw

by stefp (Vicar)
on Feb 26, 2006 at 04:01 UTC ( #532836=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to comments and qw

TimToady had not seen this thread otherwise he would have advertised that was a no-brainer in Perl6. I asked him but could not find that thread again. Hopefully I crossed again it in "best nodes" So from the mouth of the horse^Wcamel and some other #perl6 usual suspects:
Feb 23 00:05:33 <cognominal> recently in perlmonks someone wanted a + qw() that supported comments, is there an idiom for that in perl6? Feb 23 00:06:02 <Juerd> cognominal: <<>>, IIRC Feb 23 00:06:43 <cognominal> I was surprised not to see TimToady pu +shing a Perl6 solution :) Feb 23 00:07:10 <TimToady> cognominal: I don't think we actually sa +id anything about comments, but considering that it's "shell quoting" +, and shells have comments, they could sneak in there... Feb 23 00:07:12 <Juerd> It could still happen Feb 23 00:07:45 <Juerd> TimToady: But let's not have \\\n :) Feb 23 00:07:55 <TimToady> Didn't see that PM thread... Feb 23 00:08:03 <audreyt> shells have line-terminated comments Feb 23 00:08:13 <Juerd> audreyt: That was implied :) Feb 23 00:08:21 <TimToady> So put line breaks in. Feb 23 00:08:36 * audreyt purrs randomly Feb 23 00:09:51 <audreyt> my @x = << Feb 23 00:09:59 <audreyt> This is some splitted words # but not + this Feb 23 00:10:05 <audreyt> and this too # but not this Feb 23 00:10:07 <audreyt> >>;

-- stefp

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