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Hello Monks. I trying to mirror mebsites from the client end only, and running into a slight snag. I was using wget -prFNEkm (a wonderful set of flags, which does its level best to create a browseable local copy of a site), but it has a shortfall - stylesheets linked with the @import convention and images linked in stylesheets are not downloaded, and not relativized for local viewing.

I was hoping that CPAN, Google or a super search would direct me to someone else who has solved this problem, but so far, no luck. Do any monks know a way (other than hacking wget (written in C, which I don't speak) or extending it by hand with a Perl wrapper to get a locally browseable copy of a website?

Update: The core of the problem is that wget doesn't parse CSS files for url()s, and doesn't retrieve stylesheets called via the @import convention . So I'm looking for an alternative.