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Re: Microfocus Cobol datafiles

by kutsu (Priest)
on Feb 03, 2006 at 17:08 UTC ( #527726=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Microfocus Cobol datafiles

The first link returned searching for Cobol on search.cpan is Convert::IBM390 which includes an example for reading a Cobol datafile (not sure what a .cad is though). If you want to read the data printed by the datafile simply set the fd with a filler (see below) then set the filler as a comma or pipe (or other delimiter) and super search for reading from a comma delimited file.

fd data-file LABEL RECORDS ARE STANDARD DATA RECORD IS data-rec. 01 data-rec. 05 data-foo pic 9(05). 05 data-filler1 pic X(01). 05 data-bar pic X(15). 05 data-filler2 pic X(01). * etc....

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