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Hello monks; The following is the code that I am using to upload a *.csv file via CGI and write its contents to another *.csv file However, when the destination file is written, I get blank rows in between each record.
my $upload_dir = "some directory"; my $evtFileName = 'testDoc'; my $empFileName = $query->param('filepath'); my $fh = upload('filepath'); $fh =~ s/(?=\n)/\r/g; open OUTFILE, ">".$upload_dir."\\".$empFileName or die "Cannot ope +n file ".$upload_dir."\\".$empFileName; while (<$fh>) { print OUTFILE; print; } close OUTFILE;

I am using CGI qw(:standard) and CGI::Simple CPAN modules for this

The code above contains the regex $fh =~ s/(?=\n)/\r/g; which I received earlier that is to convert UNIX or MAC CRs to DOS CRs. I was able to get it to do the work, but now it will not operate properly.

What am I doing wrong - or is there a good solution. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Sorry - I am running the script on Windows 2003 Server (DOS) ---------------------
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